The Perfectionist Mindset and Embracing Mediocrity

Just in time for Mother’s Day, some thoughts about how I’m not the best mom!  I read this lovely article from MindBodyGreen the other day (thanks Hello Peaceful Mind for the link!). It was full of great advice, but one thing really stood out. It said when you’re depressed, you’re only functioning at 20%, not your usual 70-90%. My […]

DBT For Parents: IMPROVE the Moment for Distress Tolerance 

​ I have already talked a bit in this space about distress tolerance. One of the commonalities between most people living with mental illness is that we have BIG emotions. Whether it is a chemical imbalance or a result of trauma, we react to things a little more extremely than that situation warrants. While this sensitivity […]

Ships to Shore Festival in Steveston – May 5 – 7

If you’re looking for something cool to do this weekend, the Ships to Shore Festival, Steveston’s annual Tallships festival,  is in full swing at Garry Point Park! The ship this year is the Kaiko Maru, a four-masted training ship from Japan. The boys and I were lucky enough to get a chance to go on board. […]

Easy Ways To Add More Fiber To Your Diet 

I found out recently that my iron is in the toilet. I was supposed to continue taking iron supplements postpartum, until I stop breastfeeding. I somehow thought I could stop once I was no longer pregnant. WHOOPS! So I am back on the big-dog iron supplements. The kind you have to get from behind the […]

Sleep Training 2.0 – Realities of Sleep Training Your Second Kid

I was really really hoping we wouldn’t have to do this again. I was hoping Olin would figure it out on his own, learn to string sleep together into gradually longer intervals. But here we are, Olin turned a year old, and was still only sleeping 2 hour stretches in his crib.  Sleep training Breccan […]