5 Tips For Avoiding Mental Illness Relapse 

I hope all my Canadian readers had a lovely Thanksgiving. Today, we’re talking more about relapses. I’ve talked before about my remission rules, and I posted just a few weeks ago about what to do when you are experiencing a relapse. Struggles with depression, anxiety, manic phases, and episodes are realities of long term mental […]

Mindful Gratitude: How To Foster Resiliency

Thanksgiving is this weekend in Canada. Which, obviously, brings thoughts to gratitude and appreciation for the things we have. It’s a time of harvest, to enjoy the fruits of our work, to unabashedly overeat after a long season of activity. It is important, however, that we focus on mindful gratitude.   There is evidence that […]

10 Tips For Handling Depression Relapse When You Still Have To Parent

Remember sick days before kids? Like when you could literally just binge Netflix, take all the meds, and nap the day away? Or legitimately taking a mental health day to do yoga, drink tea, or go out with friends and stave off a depression relapse or anxiety attack. Those days are much harder to come […]

DBT Skills For Parents: Opposite to Emotion 

When I was in therapy, one of the most profound DBT Skills I learned was Opposite to Emotion. Opposite to Emotion is an Emotion Regulation skill, although it can be considered Distress Tolerance, and I sometimes consider it an Interpersonal Effectiveness skill as well. It takes practice and a lot of Wise Mind to use effectively, which […]

Holding Onto Summer With Homemade Peach Salsa

Summer is ending, and I’m in denial! The weather this weekend was pretty dreary, the sun is setting earlier, and the kids are all back to school (or preschool in our case). But it’s warm again this week. I’m excited for the new  school year, but I am always reluctant to say good bye to […]