Tips for Getting Out with 2 Kids

getting out with 2 kids

I am finally getting the hang of being out of the house with 2 kids. I almost had it down, then we moved. Our new place has lots of stairs and not much of an entryway, so there have been some challenges getting out the door.

Tips for getting out of the house with 2 kids
Image by Elissa Crowe Photography

I’ve come up with a routine, switched up a few products, and we usually make it out the door with everything we need. We go out rain or shine, and we are often on transit or walking. Things have to be pretty well organized.

Tips for getting out with 2 kids
Image by Elissa Crowe Photography

Tips for Getting Out the Door with 2 Kids

Pack First. Let the kids play while you pack. I have a little checklist to keep with me:

  • Diapers + wipes
  • Changes of clothes
  • Eats + drinks
  • Entertainment

Plug in your phone while you pack. That way it’s as close to fully charged as possible.

Plan food as needed. More is better. I find trail mix is a great snack. Cheese sticks and pepperoni sticks as well.

On the bus
Put the baby in carrier before getting a toddler or preschooler ready. This took me awhile to realize. It’s hard carrying a baby and wrangling a toddler, but it’s less work in the long run. Toddlers and preschoolers are good at undoing whatever you’ve done, needing a diaper change at the last second, or creating any manner of mess if they are left to their own devices. They should be the last step to get organized!

On the Seabus

Lifesaver Products

A book or two. I also keep ebooks on my phone in case I don’t want to be weighed down with a bag.

City Mini GT Stroller.I love my stroller. Admittedly I didn’t get much use out of it until Breccan was close to a year. He was little, we were urban, so we went the carrier route most times. Now I can’t imagine life without it. The tires are good enough for hiking accessible trails,, it turns on a dime, and it folds up so small. I love the pocket on the back for library books.

In the City Mini GT
Beco Gemini Carrier. While the wrap carriers are more elegant, I prefer a structured carrier for support with as much carrying and walking as I do. The Beco can carry in 4 positions, and I use them all regularly (even the side carry!). They have some beautiful designs as well.

Herschel backpack
Herschel Backpack. I love this as a multipurpose bag. It holds so much (it even has a special pouch for tablets or books!), and the straps are so cushy. I used to use a traditional diaper bag,  but I found the side bag cumbersome and hard on my hips and back. Carrying Olin on my front and my Herschel on my back kind of distributes weight evenly!