Olin 8 Months

Our baby is 8 months old now. He was not happy about getting his picture for this one. Given what a cheerful guy he is, it’s unusual. But we have to have one sobbing baby milestone photo, right? 

7 months

  • He loves playing “chase” with Breccan up and down the hallway. He crawl-stomps and cackles like mad! Games with brother are his favorite right now. 
  • He is right on the Cusp of walking. So so close! 
  • Boys on the swingHe is so strong. Changing him has become quite and ordeal because he’s always trying to flip over. And he hates hates hates getting dressed! 
  • He sucks his cheeks in and makes funny kissy noises. He babbles a ton! 

Baby blue eyes

  • He loves music, especially the drums. He still loves the Foo Fighters, but he also likes the Beatles and the Lumineers.