Holding Onto Summer With Homemade Peach Salsa

Summer is ending, and I’m in denial! The weather this weekend was pretty dreary, the sun is setting earlier, and the kids are all back to school (or preschool in our case). But it’s warm again this week. I’m excited for the new  school year, but I am always reluctant to say good bye to summer. We’ve really enjoyed our dinners in the evening on our patio amongst our plants. Part of me wants to hold onto these summer nights and not let go! 

Mexican food is easily my favorite cuisine. It was basically all I could eat when I was pregnant with Breccan. We regularly have “burrito bowls”, which is basically the ingredients of a burrito in bowls. So rice, beans, cheese, avocado, sour cream (or Greek yogurt), and, of course, salsa.

Sometimes the day calls for something more special than just salsa from a jar. If you’re trying to hold onto summer, peach salsa is where it’s at! 

Making a spontaneous, special addition to a meal like this is an exercise in mindfulness for me. It starts the evening on a calm, focused note. If I can pick from my garden, even better! Here’s a recipe I put together, using hot peppers, garlic, and tomatoes from our garden.

4 small peaches

1 clove garlic

2 serrano peppers (or jalapeño)

A handful of cherry tomatoes (or 1 Roma tomato)

A dash of Frank’s Red Hot Sauce

Cilantro (if you have it and like it)

Directions are simple: chop, combine, pulse once or twice with an immersion blender if you like a juicier salsa, and serve!

Olin was a fan of this salsa, but Breccan is on the pickier side. He tends to prefer eating the ingredients separate, without cooking or blending (maybe he just has an advanced palate and is into deconstructed cuisine). For me, in the season of toddlers and preschoolers who won’t eat anything consistently, the joy is in preparation and what my husband and I will enjoy. I look forward to days when my kids actually pick and like “real” food. 

What’s been your favorite meal to set the tone for calm evenings? Is it the preparation or the way your family reacts to the meal that makes it so special?