The Perfectionist Mindset and Embracing Mediocrity

Just in time for Mother’s Day, some thoughts about how I’m not the best mom!  I read this lovely article from MindBodyGreen the other day (thanks Hello Peaceful Mind for the link!). It was full of great advice, but one thing really stood out. It said when you’re depressed, you’re only functioning at 20%, not your usual 70-90%. My […]

DBT Skills for Parents: Wise Mind 

Today was a day of toddler battles. There were mundane ones (leaving the house, leaving the park, tot sharing, potty breaks) and spectacular ones (spraying water around the kitchen, a poop explosion, food coloring, a giant stick near picture frames). So when B decided to pour out a whole jar of sprinkles on the table […]

Holiday Stress: Tips for Handling Troubles and Triggers

holiday stress

The holidays are officially here. I was never a gung-ho holiday lover until I had kids. Now I am totally Christmas Cuckoo (and I’m sure many of you are Hung Up on Hannukkah or Ramadan Rabid or Solstice Silly. I could go on, but I’ll spare you). That all said, the holidays are notorious stressors. […]

Parenting After Election Night

Election 2016 left many people with a mixed bag of emotions. We went to bed fearing for the world we were leaving our children. We agonized over increased reports of aggression and violence toward minorities. We struggled with what we would tell our children. I am still working through these emotions myself, as an American […]

3 Ways to Cope with a “Threenager” by Slowing Down 

“Look Dad, I’m sharing and I’m not even stomping my feet!” Nick reported this latest Breccanism this weekend when a kid at play gym took his toy. He is fast learning to manage his anger. He has had several instances like this,  where he is able to articulate his feelings and process them appropriately.   […]