Learning to Swim: Accepting the Limits of Long Term Mental Illness

Breccan is learning to swim this summer. He is a fearless fish, which is good in many ways because he is already diving down to 4 feet and has mainly figured out swimming. It’s bad because I feel like, without a little bit of fear of the water and understanding his own limits, he’s a […]

Illumination: An Art Show Supporting Mental Health 

Full disclosure: My kids are in a very tough stage. Breccan is turning from 3 to 4, which is mostly amazing (good riddance threenager stage), but he’s super kinetic and wants to be out and active all the time. And Olin has his the fussy 16-month stage and GETS. INTO. EVERYTHING. And he is STILL […]

5 Resources for Explaining Pet Loss to Kids 

Breccan got to meet our friend’s dog the other day. “Is she in the sky?” he asked me, by which he meant had she died. My poor heart nearly broke – for any other kid, that may have been just a weird question. But Breccan has seen a lot of animal loss in the last […]

Mama Instinct

There has been a lot of miscellaneous things going on lately. Life has been very routine, but scattered. We’ve had a lot of family time, a lot of preschool days and trips to the Cannery, and a lot a lot a lot of pool time. Breccan had become quite the fish, so that takes up […]

5 Political Action Tips For Parents of Young Kids

As an American, and a human, I am deeply disturbed by what has been happening in the USA. I live in Canada, but I was born and raised in the Seattle area. I moved to Vancouver almost 15 years ago, which basically means I’ve been Canadian almost as long as I was American. Still, I […]