Berry Picking 

I hated berry picking when I was little. I took after my dad, I guess. It was a chore we were forced to do on the regular: go out to the garden to pick raspberries for dinner. At my Great Grandma Ruth’s house, it was picking raspberries for jam. At the family cabin, it was […]

Our Bedtime Routine

smooth bedtime tips

I’m a firm believer in simple bedtime routines. Breccan was a terrible sleeper, and we tried every complicated sleep-tracking, calm-creating trick in the book. Nothing worked until he was old enough to cry it out. Olin appears to be a better natural sleeper. We will see how things go after he has the 4-month sleep […]

Toddler Tourism: Hastings Racecourse

It has been sweltering out here the last few days. It’s a challenge to figure out ways to keep the boys cool, especially Olin. Breccan gets bored very easily at home (which leads to destruction mode), so we can’t just hunker down inside all day. He is still learning how to share nicely at play […]


I took the boys to Science World recently. It was a warm day outside, so not many people were there. It was perfect. I could let Breccan roam wherever he wanted to go and not worry about either losing him in the packs of school kids or spending my energy refereeing over toy battles. Plus, as […]


We are into the summertime weather early this year. It’s only May, and already we have seen mostly sunny days with temperatures in the 20s/70s. I find it much easier to stay in the moment out of doors. Inside I feel snoozy and bored, overwhelmed with all the chores I should be doing but don’t […]