Clothes for Dressing Up Your Dapper Little Dudes

People long bemoan that boys’ clothes are not as much fun as girls clothes. While the girls’ section tends to be larger, I have never felt sad to go pick out new clothes to dress up my boys in. One of the best pairs we ever got him were from the girls’ section, so I […]

Joyride Nails

I recently got to try out Joyride Nails, a newish salon on 4th Avenue in Vancouver. They’ve been open since September 2015. They are clean and bright, the equipment is all able to be sterilized in a dental grade sterilizer or disposable. They also have tea, coffee, and fresh juice available. I have only gotten […]

Maternity Staples

I talked earlier about clothes that you don’t need to buy from the maternity section. So much maternity clothing is boring, frumpy, expensive, or poor quality (or all four!) There are definitely a few things I think you should splurge from the maternity section! Some can be found used, some are worth buying new. Leggings […]

Non-Maternity Clothes for All Pregnancy Stages

Maternity clothes, generally speaking, are expensive and not made to last. Plus, you only wear them for a year, tops. With a few exceptions, this pregnancy I’ve tried to avoid buying clothes that will work just for when I’m pregnant. It’s not to hard to find if you know what to look for. Here are […]