10 Tips For Handling Depression Relapse When You Still Have To Parent

Remember sick days before kids? Like when you could literally just binge Netflix, take all the meds, and nap the day away? Or legitimately taking a mental health day to do yoga, drink tea, or go out with friends and stave off a depression relapse or anxiety attack. Those days are much harder to come […]

The Perfectionist Mindset and Embracing Mediocrity

Just in time for Mother’s Day, some thoughts about how I’m not the best mom!  I read this lovely article from MindBodyGreen the other day (thanks Hello Peaceful Mind for the link!). It was full of great advice, but one thing really stood out. It said when you’re depressed, you’re only functioning at 20%, not your usual 70-90%. My […]

DBT For Parents: IMPROVE the Moment for Distress Tolerance 

​ I have already talked a bit in this space about distress tolerance. One of the commonalities between most people living with mental illness is that we have BIG emotions. Whether it is a chemical imbalance or a result of trauma, we react to things a little more extremely than that situation warrants. While this sensitivity […]

DBT Skills for Parents: ACCEPTS for Distress Tolerance

When you’re with kids all day, there are inevitably moments of chaos and distress. There’s nothing like multiple screaming kids clinging to you to send you into a panic! When you live with mental illness, It isn’t just regular moments of distress that spike your cortisol spiking. Depending on your individual triggers, simple things like […]

Suicidal Thoughts When You Are A Parent

I have been behind on posting. We had a string of guests and visitors, plus a string of beautiful weather, so I’ve been enjoying all of it! Throw a little sleep-training and old-fashioned procrastination on top of it, and that’s why we didn’t have a post last week and ate late this week!  Today we […]