Ships to Shore Festival in Steveston – May 5 – 7

If you’re looking for something cool to do this weekend, the Ships to Shore Festival, Steveston’s annual Tallships festival,  is in full swing at Garry Point Park! The ship this year is the Kaiko Maru, a four-masted training ship from Japan. The boys and I were lucky enough to get a chance to go on board. […]

Mental Wellness Gift Ideas: Last Minute Presents For Better Mindfulness In The New Year

2016 has been such a slog for so many people. I am really looking forward to 2017 and practicing more mindfulness. Here are some last minute mental wellness gift ideas for the person on your list that is looking to improve their mental health in the new year. If you have someone on your list […]

Tips for Getting Out with 2 Kids

getting out with 2 kids

I am finally getting the hang of being out of the house with 2 kids. I almost had it down, then we moved. Our new place has lots of stairs and not much of an entryway, so there have been some challenges getting out the door. I’ve come up with a routine, switched up a […]

Mama’s Night Out with Nivea

Nick and I had a much needed date night. Nick’s sister took the boys, and we went out for dinner and drinks for 5 WHOLE HOURS. It was wonderful. Olin is finally taking a bottle after refusing to use one for 6 months. Hopefully this means I will get a few more breaks in the […]

5 Favorite Bedtime Books

We read a lot of books at bedtime and “quiet alone time” (our no-naps version of naptime). I like to have one or two calming books around bedtime to set the mood. Here are a few of our favorites. 1. Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site Breccan is super into construction trucks. For awhile in his first […]