Creating Structure: Arts Umbrella Half-Day Immersion Programs

Back to school time – which means those of us without school aged kids are looking at what classes to put their toddlers and preschoolers in. I was so honored to be invited to participate in a sneak preview of the new Early Learning Immersion Programs at Arts Umbrella. Arts Umbrella is a wonderful space for […]

Tips for Getting Out with 2 Kids

getting out with 2 kids

I am finally getting the hang of being out of the house with 2 kids. I almost had it down, then we moved. Our new place has lots of stairs and not much of an entryway, so there have been some challenges getting out the door. I’ve come up with a routine, switched up a […]

Starting Preschool

first day of preschool

Breccan started preschool a few weeks ago. I am relishing the break, and I know the independence is good for him. We are attending the local community preschool. I’m a firm believer that play-based education is the best, and less is more. He has already shown some more maturity in just a few weeks. Starting […]

3 Ways to Cope with a “Threenager” by Slowing Down 

“Look Dad, I’m sharing and I’m not even stomping my feet!” Nick reported this latest Breccanism this weekend when a kid at play gym took his toy. He is fast learning to manage his anger. He has had several instances like this,  where he is able to articulate his feelings and process them appropriately.   […]

Happy Halloween! 

halloween costumes

  Oh boy, this was our first real Halloween. Breccan is finally old enough to get the excitement, so trick or treating was an amazing discovery for him. It was Olin’s first, too, and our first in our new community. Luckily, Steveston has a lot to offer. We didn’t even get to all of it […]