5 Best Pregnancy Products

Now that I’ve been through 2 pregnancies, I’ve definitely found a few things that work to make things easier. The hardest parts of pregnancy for me are morning sickness, stomach issues, and third trimester size limitations. These were a few products that helped me out. Most things you can get from Amazon or even your […]

Welcome Olin

It’s official – we are now a family of four (or five if you include Ger). Baby Olin was born on March 12, a date that we actually predicted he would be born awhile ago. He had a very speedy and uncomplicated birth – the complete opposite of Breccan’s birth, which is perfectly fitting since […]

38 weeks

I am feeling so tired at the end of this pregnancy. I don’t remember it being so exhausting the last time. I am definitely bigger this time, and caring for a toddler drains your energy a lot more. At this point in my pregnancy last time, I was still working, and this time I’ve been […]

Breccan’s Birth Story

As my due date nears, I can’t help but reflect on Breccan’s Birth story. It was not the ideal experience, and I am taking some steps this time to try and make it a bit less unpleasant. However, in the end, I do feel like I learned a lot from it. I took a lot […]

Comparing Pregnancies

I was fortunate enough to plan both of my pregnancies. Going into my first pregnancy, I knew a lot was going to be unpredictable. Every body handles pregnancy differently. Going into my second pregnancy, I thought I knew at least a little bit about what to expect. Turns out, not only does every person handle […]