Why You Need To Leave Your Kids: Lessons From Taking A Break

It’s amazing how, after a few days break, you can parent so much better. The grinding annoyances of parenthood are less oppressive. You have enough space to realize that it is a stage. You remember the you before kids, and you can keep that person in mind so that they will be there after kids. You can can take the long, guiding view of your kids versus the short, reactive view. 

10 Tips For Handling Depression Relapse When You Still Have To Parent

Remember sick days before kids? Like when you could literally just binge Netflix, take all the meds, and nap the day away? Or legitimately taking a mental health day to do yoga, drink tea, or go out with friends and stave off a depression relapse or anxiety attack. Those days are much harder to come […]

The Perfectionist Mindset and Embracing Mediocrity

Just in time for Mother’s Day, some thoughts about how I’m not the best mom!  I read this lovely article from MindBodyGreen the other day (thanks Hello Peaceful Mind for the link!). It was full of great advice, but one thing really stood out. It said when you’re depressed, you’re only functioning at 20%, not your usual 70-90%. My […]

Sleep Training 2.0 – Realities of Sleep Training Your Second Kid

I was really really hoping we wouldn’t have to do this again. I was hoping Olin would figure it out on his own, learn to string sleep together into gradually longer intervals. But here we are, Olin turned a year old, and was still only sleeping 2 hour stretches in his crib.  Sleep training Breccan […]

Our Stories: Parenting Through Mental Illness 

Today, Briana from Sollie Studios shares her experience with depression and anxiety, and she has some great coping skills. People who live with mental illness have the same struggles as other parents, plus the added worries about how those difficulties will exacerbate their mental illness. It is estimated that 1 in 5 Canadians experience  mental health and addiction. […]