You Are Good Enough: Anti Resolutions for 2018

New Years is probably my favourite holiday. I like any excuse to take stock of my life, any chance to pivot toward being better. I usually love making resolutions. Most years, I vow to lose weight, get in shape, and get my mental health in tip-top working order. Every year, I think I will finally […]

Mindful Gratitude: How To Foster Resiliency

Thanksgiving is this weekend in Canada. Which, obviously, brings thoughts to gratitude and appreciation for the things we have. It’s a time of harvest, to enjoy the fruits of our work, to unabashedly overeat after a long season of activity. It is important, however, that we focus on mindful gratitude.   There is evidence that […]

New Year, New Habits: Don’t Let Your Inner Critic Ruin Your Resolutions

New Year’s Eve! I’m such a nerd for new beginning. I always loved back to school time; spring time and rebirth; any excuse to evaluate where I’m at and where I want to go. I’m definitely the type to have lots of resolutions that I start in January.  I’m also, admittedly, the type to let […]

Mental Wellness Gift Ideas: Last Minute Presents For Better Mindfulness In The New Year

2016 has been such a slog for so many people. I am really looking forward to 2017 and practicing more mindfulness. Here are some last minute mental wellness gift ideas for the person on your list that is looking to improve their mental health in the new year. If you have someone on your list […]

Vancouver Christmas Market

I have never been to Vancouver’s Christmas Market. We went on a weekday, hoping to avoid some of the crowds. The Christmas Market was exactly what I’ve been needing. Both boys have been sick with colds and coughs. Breccan even went to the ER with bad croup. One of my depression triggers is staying too long in […]