Holding Onto Summer With Homemade Peach Salsa

Summer is ending, and I’m in denial! The weather this weekend was pretty dreary, the sun is setting earlier, and the kids are all back to school (or preschool in our case). But it’s warm again this week. I’m excited for the new  school year, but I am always reluctant to say good bye to […]

Easy Ways To Add More Fiber To Your Diet 

I found out recently that my iron is in the toilet. I was supposed to continue taking iron supplements postpartum, until I stop breastfeeding. I somehow thought I could stop once I was no longer pregnant. WHOOPS! So I am back on the big-dog iron supplements. The kind you have to get from behind the […]

Favorite Green Smoothies 

St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner, and I’m focusing on eating better after doing my “gluten challenge” for celiac testing (negative results – YAY!). I’ve been playing around with green smoothies. Since I’ve been eating like I will never get to eat gluten again, I’ve not necessarily been eating the best things. It’s been […]