DBT Skills for Parents: DEAR MAN for Confrontation and Making Requests

I will admit, I feel like a bit of a fraud discussing this. I am not great at asking for help or confronting someone. But asking for help or having a confrontation happens regularly, especially in parenting. As a parent of young kids, we may not see this every day, but as they get older, […]

Mindful Gratitude: How To Foster Resiliency

Thanksgiving is this weekend in Canada. Which, obviously, brings thoughts to gratitude and appreciation for the things we have. It’s a time of harvest, to enjoy the fruits of our work, to unabashedly overeat after a long season of activity. It is important, however, that we focus on mindful gratitude.   There is evidence that […]

DBT Skills For Parents: Opposite to Emotion 

When I was in therapy, one of the most profound DBT Skills I learned was Opposite to Emotion. Opposite to Emotion is an Emotion Regulation skill, although it can be considered Distress Tolerance, and I sometimes consider it an Interpersonal Effectiveness skill as well. It takes practice and a lot of Wise Mind to use effectively, which […]

DBT Skills for Parents: Reality Acceptance 

Years ago, Nick and I were sitting in our living room in Montreal, having what could have been a make-or-break moment. Our credit cards were maxed. Our job prospects were nil. We were feeling isolated and broken. My anxiety was at an all time high, and both of us were probably a little bit depressed. […]

The Perfectionist Mindset and Embracing Mediocrity

Just in time for Mother’s Day, some thoughts about how I’m not the best mom!  I read this lovely article from MindBodyGreen the other day (thanks Hello Peaceful Mind for the link!). It was full of great advice, but one thing really stood out. It said when you’re depressed, you’re only functioning at 20%, not your usual 70-90%. My […]