Olin 7 Months

We are into the second half of Olin’s first year. This boy has really woken up to life this last month. He is move move moving, and his personality is coming out more and more. He is becoming a bit of a comedian like his brother and dog. And he is very determined and intentioned.  […]

Clothes for Dressing Up Your Dapper Little Dudes

People long bemoan that boys’ clothes are not as much fun as girls clothes. While the girls’ section tends to be larger, I have never felt sad to go pick out new clothes to dress up my boys in. One of the best pairs we ever got him were from the girls’ section, so I […]

Unpacking Frustration 

We’ve been in our new house for two months. We’re doing fairly good unpacking, all things considered. Nick has worked like crazy for that to happen. He’s a tornado – I can always count on him if an area just needs to be blasted through in a few hours. I am very lucky that manic […]

On the Cusp of Autumn

It has been mostly sunny here, but the temperature has noticeably dropped. We used to see the sun as a sign of dresses, iced coffee, and BBQ. Now I’m finding we have to wear sweaters, and tea and soup are starting to sound more comforting. It is the start of autumn, when the leaves have […]

Olin 6 Months

Half a year! I can’t believe Olin is 6 months. Oh my goodness. This little guy is getting so big. The last month has brought a lot of progress with movement and gross motor skills. He is still our happy little guy. Olin is up on all 4’s, downward-facing dog, lifting his arms, etc. He […]