Sleep Training 2.0 – Realities of Sleep Training Your Second Kid

I was really really hoping we wouldn’t have to do this again. I was hoping Olin would figure it out on his own, learn to string sleep together into gradually longer intervals. But here we are, Olin turned a year old, and was still only sleeping 2 hour stretches in his crib.  Sleep training Breccan […]

Happy First Birthday Olin

Do any parents actually say “Wow, I feel like that first year went by so slowly!” Today is Olin’s first birthday. It feels like a lifetime ago that he arrived, and yet I feel like it was just yesterday.  In his first year, Olin has turned from an introverted little potato into a smiley, social little […]

Olin 8 Months

Our baby is 8 months old now. He was not happy about getting his picture for this one. Given what a cheerful guy he is, it’s unusual. But we have to have one sobbing baby milestone photo, right?  He loves playing “chase” with Breccan up and down the hallway. He crawl-stomps and cackles like mad! […]

Tips for Getting Out with 2 Kids

getting out with 2 kids

I am finally getting the hang of being out of the house with 2 kids. I almost had it down, then we moved. Our new place has lots of stairs and not much of an entryway, so there have been some challenges getting out the door. I’ve come up with a routine, switched up a […]

Happy Halloween! 

halloween costumes

  Oh boy, this was our first real Halloween. Breccan is finally old enough to get the excitement, so trick or treating was an amazing discovery for him. It was Olin’s first, too, and our first in our new community. Luckily, Steveston has a lot to offer. We didn’t even get to all of it […]