Bali Bali Bali! 

I tried to think of a better title, but this is all my mind is saying right now. 

Nick and I are off for a 10 day trip to Bali and Singapore. We would not have taken it if we didn’t have a wedding to go to, but boy am I glad we did. We both need a vacation so badly. We are off SANS KIDDOS for 10 days of self care, warmth, culinary adventures, and beautiful beaches. 

I’ve been stumbling back and forth between wellness and illness, sometimes because of things beyond my control, and sometimes because of my own rebellion against being good to myself. I’m using this trip as a big reset, a chance to reestablish some healthy routines outside of the chaos of mom life. And a beautiful location full of reasonably priced massages and spa treatments doesn’t hurt!

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