Announcing the Happy Go Mama Newsletter!

Olin was hitting buttons on my keyboard, and I`m still trying to figure out how to get my punctuation correct. So bear with typos today ๐Ÿ˜‰ I`ve been reluctant to start a newsletter. I hate being spammed weekly with discount codes and new lists. I always feel like I`m signing up to have the discomfort of saying no. And I never unsubscribe soon enough.

But I also wantย  to offer you more personal peer support through your journey parenting through mental illness. It takes a village, the saying goes, and I`d like to do what I can to start building a village free from stigma, where parents support each other in their recovery process and check in with each other to make sure everyone is focusing on the joys of this amazing life season.

My promise to you is to not send you any content that is not worth your while. The newsletter will come out monthly, so it won`t clog your email boxes! It will feature a module of a DBT skill, a report on a community organization that you can use as a resource, and a monthly `go guide` to keep you out and active with your family.

When you sign up, you can look forward to the first newsletter going out in January 2018! Let`s start 2018 with a commitment to parenting with mental wellness and embracing the joy in teaching our littles how to be good, happy humans!

Click here to sign up!