Get Away to Tofino, BC

Sometimes you just have to get away. Before we had kids, up until I was pregnant with Breccan actually, Nick and I took an annual trip to Tofino on Vancouver Island. We always went in summer, and we always camped. Once we had kids, the ferry cost, road with no stops, and potential for cold […]

Favorite Green Smoothies 

St. Patrick’s Day is around the corner, and I’m focusing on eating better after doing my “gluten challenge” for celiac testing (negative results – YAY!). I’ve been playing around with green smoothies. Since I’ve been eating like I will never get to eat gluten again, I’ve not necessarily been eating the best things. It’s been […]

Happy First Birthday Olin

Do any parents actually say “Wow, I feel like that first year went by so slowly!” Today is Olin’s first birthday. It feels like a lifetime ago that he arrived, and yet I feel like it was just yesterday.  In his first year, Olin has turned from an introverted little potato into a smiley, social little […]

Our Stories: Parenting Through Mental Illness 

Today, Briana from Sollie Studios shares her experience with depression and anxiety, and she has some great coping skills. People who live with mental illness have the same struggles as other parents, plus the added worries about how those difficulties will exacerbate their mental illness. It is estimated that 1 in 5 Canadians experience  mental health and addiction. […]

DBT Skills for Parents: Wise Mind 

Today was a day of toddler battles. There were mundane ones (leaving the house, leaving the park, tot sharing, potty breaks) and spectacular ones (spraying water around the kitchen, a poop explosion, food coloring, a giant stick near picture frames). So when B decided to pour out a whole jar of sprinkles on the table […]