Cozy Slippers 

There is starting to be a chill in the air here. Winter is definitely going to be a cold one. A tourist from ​Saskatchewan actually said the humidity here makes it feel colder than the prairies. My feet are generally the first thing to turn to ice, and I hate wearing socks. I am a […]

Olin 8 Months

Our baby is 8 months old now. He was not happy about getting his picture for this one. Given what a cheerful guy he is, it’s unusual. But we have to have one sobbing baby milestone photo, right?  He loves playing “chase” with Breccan up and down the hallway. He crawl-stomps and cackles like mad! […]

American Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to my American readers! Our family, being Canadian and American, is lucky to have TWO days devoted to being thankful for all that we have. Gratitude is central to my mindfulness practice. I love that I get to stop everything to show my kids the importance of gratitude two times a year. Plus […]

Tips for Getting Out with 2 Kids

getting out with 2 kids

I am finally getting the hang of being out of the house with 2 kids. I almost had it down, then we moved. Our new place has lots of stairs and not much of an entryway, so there have been some challenges getting out the door. I’ve come up with a routine, switched up a […]

Mama’s Night Out with Nivea

Nick and I had a much needed date night. Nick’s sister took the boys, and we went out for dinner and drinks for 5 WHOLE HOURS. It was wonderful. Olin is finally taking a bottle after refusing to use one for 6 months. Hopefully this means I will get a few more breaks in the […]