5 Cleaning Cheats

I am not a housekeeper.I simply don’t like doing chores, and I am not mindful of cleaning up as I go. Even when I try to I end up forgetting something, and it just collects over time. If I could, I’d happily employ a full time maid! Alas, living on a budget requires me to […]

5 Mindfulness Exercises for Fall

As a former DBT patient, mindfulness is the key to living a full and relatively normal life with my anxiety and depression problems. It was the key to untangling my emotions in the first place, and it is instrumental in keeping myself in remission. The more I do it, the better I am. Life with […]

Weekend Links

Breccan has a touch of croup. He gets it several times a year. Sometimes the best thing to do is bundle him up and go outside just before or after it rains. The boys played together in the water table yesterday. I put warm water in, and change clothes once they’re soaked. I got some […]

Making New Friends

I love taking the boys out to drop-ins and classes. I gets me out of the house and teaches me new activities to keep the boys busy. Plus, I never fail to learn some new trick to make the parenting road easier to navigate. Today, for example, the teacher at our Strong Start program told […]

Olin 7 Months

We are into the second half of Olin’s first year. This boy has really woken up to life this last month. He is move move moving, and his personality is coming out more and more. He is becoming a bit of a comedian like his brother and dog. And he is very determined and intentioned.  […]