Weekend Links

Happy weekend! We’re home for the first time in a few weeks. Hopefully we can get in some lazy breakfasts and family walks among catch up chores and parties!  ICYMI, Prince George refusing to high five the Canadian PM.  These new mom meals also work if you’re a mom who doesn’t want to cook every night of the […]

5 Best Pregnancy Products

Now that I’ve been through 2 pregnancies, I’ve definitely found a few things that work to make things easier. The hardest parts of pregnancy for me are morning sickness, stomach issues, and third trimester size limitations. These were a few products that helped me out. Most things you can get from Amazon or even your […]

Unpacking Frustration 

We’ve been in our new house for two months. We’re doing fairly good unpacking, all things considered. Nick has worked like crazy for that to happen. He’s a tornado – I can always count on him if an area just needs to be blasted through in a few hours. I am very lucky that manic […]

Weekend Reads + Recommendations 

Breccan got his first haircut yesterday. I had to buy him these adorable onesie Pj’s from Joe Fresh to remind myself he’s not a big ole grown up now. He looks like such a little man with his new ‘do!  Congratulations to Joy and her husband on their 10 year anniversary!  This was my experience when Breccan was born.  […]

On the Cusp of Autumn

It has been mostly sunny here, but the temperature has noticeably dropped. We used to see the sun as a sign of dresses, iced coffee, and BBQ. Now I’m finding we have to wear sweaters, and tea and soup are starting to sound more comforting. It is the start of autumn, when the leaves have […]