Remission Rules

I generally consider my depression to be in “remission”, meaning it doesn’t affect my every day life dramatically.  I have a few rules that I keep to in order to maintain the balance I need to stave off a depression relapse. Get outside every day. Unless you are sick, get outside your home for at […]

Olin 5 Months 

Our little guy is 5 Months old now. He has definitely woken up to the world in the last few weeks! His little personality is starting to shine through.  He loves wrestling with his brother, much to my worry.  He still won’t take a bottle. He drinks messing from a cup. We’re going to try […]

The Hardest Work

I read a quote the other day about depression. It amounted to: don’t judge me by my best days, judge me by my worst; it is most likely when I am doing the hardest work. I’ve been doing a lot of hard work these days.  Whenever I have a swing that requires me to push […]

Berry Picking 

I hated berry picking when I was little. I took after my dad, I guess. It was a chore we were forced to do on the regular: go out to the garden to pick raspberries for dinner. At my Great Grandma Ruth’s house, it was picking raspberries for jam. At the family cabin, it was […]