5 Favorite Bedtime Books

We read a lot of books at bedtime and “quiet alone time” (our no-naps version of naptime). I like to have one or two calming books around bedtime to set the mood. Here are a few of our favorites. 1. Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site Breccan is super into construction trucks. For awhile in his first […]


At my weekly yoga class, our instructor pointed out that it is both the summer solstice and the full moon on the same day this year. Supposedly, that indicates a double “changing of the seasons”. Cycles or chapters coming to an end and the beginning of new ones. I thought it was an appropriate meditation […]

Three Months

Olin is 3 months old now. He is solidly out of the  newborn phase, and he is starting to settle into a more predictable nap routine. He’s out of the Purple Crying phase, but he is in a developmental leap right now. That plus the weather have made doing much of anything impossible. We’ve had […]

Toddler Tourism: Hastings Racecourse

It has been sweltering out here the last few days. It’s a challenge to figure out ways to keep the boys cool, especially Olin. Breccan gets bored very easily at home (which leads to destruction mode), so we can’t just hunker down inside all day. He is still learning how to share nicely at play […]