Parenting Mantras

Today was a tough day. Breccan is testing us more than usual as he transitions to being a big brother – totally normal and expected, and luckily so far he is taking it out on us and not Olin. The fact that it is normal and expected does not make it any easier. Times like […]

Olin’s First Easter

I hope everyone had a relaxing Easter weekend! Olin got to meet some family, and we even managed a nice family photo – our first as a dressed up family of four! We had a lovely dinner with our Vancouver family. We usually make a trip down to the Oregon Coast to see some of […]

Welcome Olin

It’s official – we are now a family of four (or five if you include Ger). Baby Olin was born on March 12, a date that we actually predicted he would be born awhile ago. He had a very speedy and uncomplicated birth – the complete opposite of Breccan’s birth, which is perfectly fitting since […]

Kids and Dogs

When we first brought Breccan home from the hospital, our 65 lb clown of a Siberian Husky bounded toward his carseat, sniffed him, and gave him a huge howl of a hello. The first few weeks Breccan was home, Ger lovingly watched over his bassinet, cuddled with him on car trips (supervised of course), and […]

38 weeks

I am feeling so tired at the end of this pregnancy. I don’t remember it being so exhausting the last time. I am definitely bigger this time, and caring for a toddler drains your energy a lot more. At this point in my pregnancy last time, I was still working, and this time I’ve been […]