Baby Items Dream Splurge

I’m being minimal with this next baby. Having a second kid you know how quickly things become obsolete. If you can get away with a hack or an emergency fix, it’s better than blowing money on a product that will fall into disuse in a few weeks. Likewise, it really is better to solve problems […]

Joyride Nails

I recently got to try out Joyride Nails, a newish salon on 4th Avenue in Vancouver. They’ve been open since September 2015. They are clean and bright, the equipment is all able to be sterilized in a dental grade sterilizer or disposable. They also have tea, coffee, and fresh juice available. I have only gotten […]

Baby Items You Can Skip

When I was shopping for Breccan before he was born, I had NO IDEA what we would and wouldn’t use. We didn’t have many friends with babies, and we were the first in our close family to have kids in a lot of years. There were a lot of things we were told we “needed” […]

Comparing Pregnancies

I was fortunate enough to plan both of my pregnancies. Going into my first pregnancy, I knew a lot was going to be unpredictable. Every body handles pregnancy differently. Going into my second pregnancy, I thought I knew at least a little bit about what to expect. Turns out, not only does every person handle […]