Sweet Things About Pregnancy

This pregnancy has been harder than my last in many ways. The nausea was easier, but otherwise I’ve had more complications and discomfort. I am feeling better in this last stretch since my restrictions were lifted, but I’m 85% sure this is my last pregnancy. I’m trying to find things every day to savour about […]

Maternity Staples

I talked earlier about clothes that you don’t need to buy from the maternity section. So much maternity clothing is boring, frumpy, expensive, or poor quality (or all four!) There are definitely a few things I think you should splurge from the maternity section! Some can be found used, some are worth buying new. Leggings […]

Pregnancy Emotions: Coping with Rollercoaster Mood Swings

pregnancy emotions

I’ve been having trouble coping lately with all my pregnancy emotions. This pregnancy, much more than last, has been an emotional roller-coaster. I attribute it to several factors: ¬†life with a toddler and it’s constant swing from soul bursting love and laughter to frantic scrambling and frustration pelvic rest (no exercise, no yoga, no…adult exercises) […]

Exploring: Steveston

Today, my mom, Nick’s mom, Nick’s Grandpa (Papa), Breccan and I went out to Richmond to walk along the Dyke Trail and marina. The Dyke trail is a great starter trail and easy trail for toddlers. It is flat, easy to break into sections, and there is alwas lots of birds and wildlife to spot. […]

Non-Maternity Clothes for All Pregnancy Stages

Maternity clothes, generally speaking, are expensive and not made to last. Plus, you only wear them for a year, tops. With a few exceptions, this pregnancy I’ve tried to avoid buying clothes that will work just for when I’m pregnant. It’s not to hard to find if you know what to look for. Here are […]