Self-Care Saviors: Gyms With Child-Minding Services

Self-care has become a cliche recommendation for moms who are struggling. We know that we need to take more time for ourselves, but someone’s needs are often more pressing. Kids, pets, partners, parents, and home care all get in the way. Happy Go Mama is excited to bring you a new series, Self-care Saviors, profiling […]

Body Image: How To Exercise While Staying Body Positive

As most people do, I’ve been going to the gym a lot so far this year. But, in the spirit of anti-resolutions, and loving myself as I am, I have been trying to separate health, exercise, and eating from weight. This New York Times piece by Taffy Brodesser-Akner was one of my favorite reads of […]

You Are Good Enough: Anti Resolutions for 2018

New Years is probably my favourite holiday. I like any excuse to take stock of my life, any chance to pivot toward being better. I usually love making resolutions. Most years, I vow to lose weight, get in shape, and get my mental health in tip-top working order. Every year, I think I will finally […]

Announcing the Happy Go Mama Newsletter!

Olin was hitting buttons on my keyboard, and I`m still trying to figure out how to get my punctuation correct. So bear with typos today 😉 I`ve been reluctant to start a newsletter. I hate being spammed weekly with discount codes and new lists. I always feel like I`m signing up to have the discomfort […]

Why You Need To Leave Your Kids: Lessons From Taking A Break

It’s amazing how, after a few days break, you can parent so much better. The grinding annoyances of parenthood are less oppressive. You have enough space to realize that it is a stage. You remember the you before kids, and you can keep that person in mind so that they will be there after kids. You can can take the long, guiding view of your kids versus the short, reactive view.